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Address Head Office and Factory4-28-7
Kameari Katsushika-ku Tokyo, Japan 125-0061
Description of business Development, manufacturing and construction
for Biological safety cabinet, clean bench, clean room, biohazard room isolator/cage system for lab animal and laboratory table etc.
Establishment Year 1971
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
President and Chief Executive Officer Yasuaki Kuroda
Bank of account The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank
Participating association Tokyo Scientific Instrument Association, Japan Air Cleaning Association, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
URL http://www.showa-science.co.jp
E-mail info@showa-science.co.jp

Company History

2010 Mar

Glove-isolator for Monkey

Release Glove-isolator for Monkey
2007 May

Small animal cabinet for anatomy

Release Small animal cabinet for anatomy
2005 Mar Release Monkey isolator for infection test

Monkey isolator for infection test

2003 Aug Release Small animal isolator for infection test
1999 Nov Release Drug solution spraying device
1997 Apr New head office building in present address
1996 Apr Release suction device for medium change
1994 Mar

Lab animal room

Start design and construction of control system for lab animal room
1990 Apr Release Control system of automatic caring apparatus  
1983 Jan Relocate head office and factory to Kameari Katsushika-ku Tokyo
1979 Jun Release biological safety cabinet and P2/P3 room

Biological safety cabinet
(early type)

1977 Jul Name change to “Showa Science CO., LTD.”
1977 Sep Relocate head office to Aoto Katsushika-ku Tokyo and factory to Matsudo-shi Chiba
1976 Feb Release Isolator for Chimpanzee to develop hepatitis vaccination
1974 Apr Release Clean Bench for tissue culture

Clean Bench
(early type)

1971 Jun Establish Showa Science as limited private company

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Head Office and Factory4-28-7
Kameari Katsushika-ku Tokyo, Japan 125-0061 
Email: info@showa-science.co.jp

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