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SHOWA SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Privacy Statement

We have established the following policies

Information collection

We only ask for the types of personal information necessary to fulfill the stated purpose such as below situation.

In the case that
We receive feedback from you.
You purchase products.
We deliver our products and catalogue to you.
We answer for a question.
You respond to surveys.

The purpose of information collection

We will clearly state the purpose of personal information collection and provide contact information before we collect your personal information.
We will only use your personal information to fulfill valid purposes, such as to develop better products, provide better services, and deliver useful information.

The personal data to be provided to a third party

We will never disclose or provide your personal information to any third parties without your prior permission, unless there is a valid reason to do so.
We are committed to comply with all the laws and regulations related to protection of your personal information. We are also committed to continuously review and improve this privacy statement.

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