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Lab animal equipment

Isolator Rack System

Negative pressure Isolator Rack S-2260

  • ■S-2260T W1720xD650xH2200mm

Negative pressure Isolator Rack S-2260T

  • ■S-2260T W1720xD650xH2200mm

Negative Positive pressure variable Isolator Rack

  • ■S-2166 W1300xD750xH2080mm

Carrying Isolator

  • ■S-2176
    selectable size and lab animal supported

Deodorization Isolator rack for insect

  • ■S-2180 W800xD700xH1630mm

Monkey Isolator S-2111

  • ■S-2111 W450xD820xH1230mm

Monkey Isolator S-2112

  • ■S-2112 W1024xD920xH2328mm

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