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Lab animal equipment

Cage and equipment

Rabbit cage

  • ■S-501 W40xD50xH40mm

Rabbit metabolism cage

  • ■S-1310MPC W36xD40xH40cm

Rabbit retainer

  • ■S-1400 W15xD45xH13cm

Ferret cage

  • ■S-700 W27xD38xH27cm

Monkey cage S-1000

  • ■S-1000 W50xD60xH60cm

Monkey cage S-1001

  • ■S-1001 W47xD80xH80cm

Monkey chair

  • ■S-1MCA W37xD37xH70cm

Monkey box for harvest

  • ■S-5CB W20xD40xH20cm

Marmoset cage

  • ■S-1105 W50xD60xH70cm

Irradiation mouse cage

  • ■S-116 W24xD16xH5cm

Rabbit fixation for pyrogen

  • ■S-PTU unit
  • ■S-2PT double
  • ■S-3PT triple

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